Cut­ting foam

Celloflex spe­cia­li­ses in foam cut­ting and uses a wide varie­ty of machi­nes for this pur­po­se, inclu­ding a num­ber of ful­ly auto­ma­tic con­tou­ring machi­nes equip­ped with oscil­la­ting blades, which work much more pre­cis­e­ly com­pared to rota­ting blades. Cen­tral sup­ports and bla­de gui­des add even more pre­cis­i­on to the pro­cess so that even foam gra­des with high bulk den­si­ty and com­pres­si­ve strength values can be cut to per­fect size.

Hori­zon­tal cut­ters, split­ting machi­nes and ful­ly auto­ma­tic, semi-auto­ma­tic and manu­al­ly ope­ra­ted ver­ti­cal cut­ters are available for the split­ting and trim­ming of slabs as well as for the cut­ting of various geo­me­tries, as are seve­ral pres­ses and pro­fil­ing machi­nes for a num­ber of other manu­fac­tu­ring tech­ni­ques. Fur­ther­mo­re, we have desi­gned seve­ral other cut­ting machi­nes over the years to respond to spe­ci­fic needs and appli­ca­ti­ons. The­se machi­nes are used for bespo­ke foam pro­ducts.

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